Frequently Asked Questions


What is ESMUN?

ESMUN is a Model United Nations Conference that is annually held at Eskişehir since 2018.

Is There a Dress code?

The dress code for ESMUN 2020 is formal, including the mock debate and Opening Ceremony. Business attires would be appropriate for female participants. Suits, ties and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. It is absolutely not allowed to wear casual clothes. However, there is no dress code for social events. In case of a theme party, dress code will be announced via social media accounts.

Where and When is ESMUN 2020 Held?

The third edition of the conference will be held at Anemon Hotel, between the dates of 09 – 11 June 2020 for Junior Participants and 12-14 June 2020 for Senior Participant

What Will I Need to Bring to the Conference?

We encourage you to print out the Study Guide of your committee in order to get prepared. You may also bring your laptop, tablets or electronic devices if available. You may need both formal and casual clothes since there will be social events at nights. Dress codes for the events will be announced later.


What is the Official Language of the Conference?

The official language of ESMUN is English.

Do I Need Previous Experience to Participate?

You do not need previous experience to participate. However, experienced participants will be prioritized and you are going to be allocated accordingly. Please visit the committee pages before deciding on your committee preferences.

Can I Represent My Own Country?

Individual delegates are not allowed to represent their own country and the delegations are not allowed to represent the country of their school/institution.

How Can I Get Prepared for the Conference?

You can see the study guide and suggested readings of your committee. The study guides for each committee will be uploaded to the website later.

Is It Compulsory to Attend All the Sessions?

Delegates who miss more than 1 session will not be able to get their certificates of participation.

When Will the Allocations Begin?

Soon to be announced.



Who Can Apply?

ESMUN accepts 12-20 years old participants from all over the world.

What Is the Deadline for Registration?

The deadline for registration will be announced in later period.

Does ESMUN Provide Refund?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refund.

Are the Social Events Included in the Payments?


Are There Any Limits for Delegations?

There is no limitation for the maximum number of delegates in a delegation. However, the Secretariat reserves the right to ask the delegation representative to reduce the total number of delegates in their delegation, due to limited number of seats.

How Many Observers Can Accompany Each Delegation?

Maximum 3 observers may accompany an institution. Observers are also required to make the payment and the ones who apply for this position are required to be older than the age of 24.


What If I Need a Visa for Turkey?

We can provide you with a visa letter if necessary.

Invitation Letter
How Can I Get an Invitation Letter for My School/Institution?

It is enough to send us an e-mail and ask for an invitation letter.